Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Egypt and French Toast: How They Effect You and the US Economy

Egypt as you may know is undergoing extreme change, probably one of the most awesome revolutions since the French Revolution, a revolution so awesome in fact that King Tut himself will be dancing in his tomb. This is great and all but how does this effect the US economy and you and family? Is little Johnny going to starve because of the mean Egyptians? Hell No!!! but the one who will be effected is either your wallet, or your gas tank because through dem Egypt is how we get dat oil, so while them arabs be rollin round in dai arab money we'll be paying $4.00 a gallon for petroleum...unless we do something fast.

The solution...

  • Generate clean renewable energy sources
  • Ride a bike to work and lose some weight you fat people.
  • Over through the Royal Emperor of Egypt (they don't have one so this isn't an option)
  • Find oil in the US ( Al Gore won't let us.)
...as for the French Toast, imports remain unchanged and do not appear to be effecting our economy at this time.


Braingeyser said...

French Toast is, however, affecting my dinner choices greatly at this time.

nukpana said...

It's bizarre to me that it took this long for egypt to overthrow their leader, but i guess it was bound to happen.

8bitAcidTrip said...

Damn you I need French toast right this instant .

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